How To Make Rainbow Fan Blades


Few days back, i visited a close friend of mine. We sat in a sofa of his house, it was a hot day so we drank some cold drinks and ate some biscuits when suddenly i noticed the source of cool air that was blowing in the room. It was from an air Fan he had, and as i looked at the fan, it was rotating very fast showing a Rainbow effect from it’s blades. I was quite amazed because i had never seen such Fans with such an awesome blades. I immediately took a photo of it and asked where did he bought it, and he replied ” I didn’t bought it, i made it myself!! “. And, i was like COOL, i am going to make one for myself. So, i came back home, and started making one. Since, i already knew how the blades were showing rainbow effects ( learned it in a science practical class in school) i started painting the blades and after few hours of work i had my own rainbow effect fan.

So, in this post i will show you How to make Rainbow fan blades, so you guys can also make one.

First, i will post a picture of my Rainbow effect Fan

rainbow effect fan



It’s very easy to make one so i will be explaining it to you guys in few steps.

1) Color the Fan Blades : This is the only work you have to do and is the most important part. Buy green, blue, yellow, red and orange color since most of the fans have five blades so you will just need five different colors as i mentioned, now paint different blades with different colors.

2) Dry the colors : After you finish painting the blades, give time for the paints to dry. You don’t need to do any other work, just have some patience and wait for the colors to dry.

3) Rotate the Fan : After colors have dried up, connect your fan to power source and rotate the fan. You will know see the rainbow effect on your fan.


Have fun with your amazing and cool fan. And please leave your responses in comments :)



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14 Responses

  1. Lise

    03/11/2014, 01:10 am

    If your fan has only 3 blades, separate each one in two equal parts and paint each part in different color! You’ll obtain all colors of rainbow: Yellow-Orange-Red-Purple-Blue-Green!

  2. heidi

    01/10/2014, 02:44 pm

    I did it to a 3 blade fan and painted each blade two seperate colors. Ie. One 1/2 red other 1/2 orange. Next 1/2 yellow 1/2 green. Next 1/2 blue 1/2 purple. Plastic blades and acrylic paint. Its devine!

  3. tara lee

    10/01/2013, 02:46 pm

    crumby directions
    what kind of paint
    does order, left to right, matter when painting
    wouldn’t sharpie markers work

  4. Anonymous

    09/27/2013, 12:20 pm

    This is so different and cool! I wonder if you could do different shades of a certain color, such as pink if it would have the same effect.

  5. Holly

    09/24/2013, 05:32 am

    don’t you need to scuff the blades so the paint will stay better?? and isn’t there a certain type of paint to use, I would think this could peal quite easily unless you do these 2 things, not criticizing, just wondering, I LOVE this idea, and am going to do it right away so it is done for next year, otherwise I will forget all about it and then the end of next year is when I would come upon this article again and be very unhappy,

  6. Carol Arneson

    09/24/2013, 02:20 am

    This is really cool, but my fan only has 3 blades. It’s hard to find one with 5 around Wisconsin. Is that OK? What kind of paint can you use? Can I use indoor outdoor patio paint?

  7. minnie

    09/24/2013, 12:57 am

    i did this with my boys the other day and the rainbow effect didn’t really work when spinning. my colours are the same, in the same order but no rainbow, even on slow


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